Connecting with readers and budding writers is one of the most important and rewarding parts about being an author. Storytelling visits, author readings and writing workshops can be tailored to appeal to any age group.

For students

Author Visit

This interactive book talk shares the 'story behind the story' of all my books, allowing for lots of questions about an author's life. Students get to choose which book they'd like the author to read from to wrap up the session. Author visits featuring the Disaster Strikes! series are best suited for Grades 3-6, Breaking Big for Grades 6-12.

Stories to Books - Putting Skin on the Bones

How do oral tales become books? Explore the process of 'growing' a story from its essential elements to a richly layered book. Using the Disaster Strikes! books (middle grade) or Breaking Big (high school), see how the embedded folklore affects the final story.

Mouth Open, Story Jump Out - Storytelling Visit

From the teller's mouth to the listener's heart, storytelling suits every age from preschool up.

For teachers

Storytelling in the Classroom

Discuss ways to make your storytelling more vibrant; practice easy techniques to create, learn and remember stories; share ideas for building a personal repertoire.

Shadow Puppetry in the Classroom

Shadow puppetry is an ancient form of storytelling that historically draws themes from folklore, culture, religion and politics. In this workshop, learn how to make your own shadow puppets and adapt simple tales for the shadow screen. Participants will make a personal shadow screen during the workshop.

For Book Clubs

Energize your meeting by inviting an author to your book club. Shift the conversation from content to the interplay between writer and reader.



“Our students are still talking about it! It was such a fabulous opportunity for them to hear about the process of writing. I have to say that I am thrilled that you are creating awareness of perhaps lesser known events in Canadian history.” Christine Patterson, Vice-Principal, Cloverdale Traditional School

“Penny really hit the mark with the middle school students. She used humour and personal anecdotes to bring the writing process to life. The students’ focused attention and questions are great indicators of a successful presentation to this (or any!) age group.” Carolin McDonnell, Grade 8 Humanities Teacher, North Saanich Middle School

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation to our grade 6 and 8 classes. From the beginning, when you told the story of the chehah, you had everyone in the palm of your hand – the pictures I surreptitiously took show various expressions of fascination and intent attention.” Lorraine Lindsay, M.Ed.

Would you like an author visit? Please email me to inquire about availability.