By Scot Ritchie

Nick, Yulee, Pedro, Sally and Martin are ready for an adventure! Their community is going to have a street fair to raise money for the library, and they all want to help out. Starting at Nick’s house, the five friends explore their neighbourhood, learning about the people and places that make up their community.

Look Where We Live! is Scot Ritchie’s third offering in his series of ‘first books’, stories that encourage young readers to explore their sense of place. Fun, colourful, and informative, it successfully simplifies the complex concept of community for the youngest readers, inviting them to be part of a larger whole in a clear and welcoming way.

Starting with a map of the neighbourhood, the children visit places like the school, the soccer field, the police station and the retirement home, learning how each place – and the people within it – contribute to the community. Concepts are presented on both a micro and macro level: Nick learns that by selling his old toys at a garage sale he can make $4 for the library, a small act that introduces the larger idea of donation. And the ‘Where’s Waldo’format is full of humorous detail (like naughty Max, the dog!) that will delight the eagle-eyed reader.

The book includes a table of contents, a glossary, an art activity and a number of open-ended questions aimed at helping kids understand their own communities. Ritchie has a knack for making big ideas accessible, making this an excellent book for home or school.

Look Where We Live!

by Scot Ritchie

Published by Kids Can Press

ISBN 13: 978-1-77138-102-4

Reviewed by Penny Draper for the National Reading Campaign

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